Tudor Stanica – Heaven backlog

Written by Cristian Bassa

“Heaven backlog is a project born from a allocution that has haunted me for a while at my beginnings as a photographer passionate about composition, contrasts, wide spaces. To go back in time a bit ever since it all started with my passion for panoramic photography uncensored. Because after my opinion panoramic photography is not just a nice image crop or a agglutination of successive images. So I purchased a camera on film, new, 1 year warranty starting with 1986. It’s called Horizon 202. I have it since 2011 and I am not tired yet to discover new possibilities of exploitation the format. Returning to my project is a complicated trial to use the eye  with an image-driven reading from top to bottom. A tedious read that ends with a surprise that add sufficient compensatory value. Like any project I do not consider it completed.” – Tudor Stanica

Tudor Stanica - Heaven backlog 01 Tudor Stanica - Heaven backlog 02 Tudor Stanica - Heaven backlog 03 Tudor Stanica - Heaven backlog 04 Tudor Stanica - Heaven backlog 05 Tudor Stanica - Heaven backlog 06

Tudor is a professional photographer since 1998. He shoot both Commercial and Fine Art Photography. You can see the whole series at this link http://www.tudorstanica.ro/index.php/projects/heaven-backlog

Cristian Bassa