Before submitting to Oitzarisme Magazine you should take a look at the projects already published. We aim to bring you only the best and most interesting projects we can find, by photographers who have powerful statements and are dedicated in showing their best work. If you think your material is similar with our editorial direction and you have a solid body of work/portfolio, read the submission rules and guidelines below and get published in our magazine!

Submissions for photo projects are open all

Submissions rules and guidelines*:
– maximum of 10 photos from the project you want to show us – long side 1000px, no watermark
– link to your personal portfolio website where we can see the whole project
– project statement in English
– a short bio in English
– your contact – website or email address

Contact us if you want to become a media partner, support our projects, share your thoughts, tell us a story or just say hi. We are doing this because we love photography and want to share what we like. Please feel free to share any project from this site and by doing so you are helping us in promoting the photographer. Feedback of any sort is most welcomed via email, comment, facebook page. Thank you for your visit and all of your support.
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*By submitting photos for publication in Oitzarisme Magazine you are stipulating
– you are the owner and/or copyright holder and/or have all necessary permissions to use/submit those materials, either photo or text.
– you are granting Oitzarisme Magazine a non-exclusive license to use the photograph for publication in our magazine. This is your OK given to us so we can feature your work in our site and social media accounts related to the magazine. There will be no other use of your materials, unless specified clearly and with your requested permission. We respect your work and we know the time and effort you put into it.
– you are not expecting any financial gain from Oitzarisme. We are non-profit non-funded magazine and unfortunately at this time we cannot offer any financial benefits for our contributors. None of the photographs on the site may be altered or used in any form without prior written permission from the copyright holder. Works published on this website are protected under domestic and international copyright laws and are not considered to be public domain.
– all the additional information you have provided alongside with submission is correct.
– you accept the fact not all the submitted projects and photos will be published. This is an editorial choice. But we will try to browse through the submitted portfolio on your website. Sometimes we will request a different project or series for inclusion in our magazine.