Andrea Smith – Boxer Girls

Andrea has a keen interest in women’s boxing, she has covered events and photographed boxing matches in which future stars of the 2012 Olympics have competed. She is continuing to document the rise and exciting future of women’s boxing in the UK.



Boxer girls captures the anticipation, focus, control, emotions and spirit the boxer has before the fight. The girls were asked to visualize this in the ‘before’ the fight shot. The ‘after’ shot captures emotions the boxer girls had after the fight; relief, relaxation, achievement, happiness, thoughtfulness about the future.Who is the ‘winner’ and who is the ‘looser’? Only the viewer can decide… Andrea Jane Smith’s work delves into how women/girls can handle this ‘masculine’, full contact sport differently to men. This is part of an ongoing project Andrea is conducting to explore sportsmanship in men and women.















More images and other interesting projects on Andrea Jane Smith’s website. Born in Manchester 1972 and after working in various jobs including Fitness instructing Andrea Jane Smith rekindled her early passion for photography and in 2010 gained a foundation degree in Commercial photography. She is now about to complete a BA Honours degree in Photography at John Moores University and is looking forward to her first exhibition in Manchester June 2012.