We started Oitzarisme Library because we think that information, in any form, must be free, must be shared and must reach as many people as possible, to create a better future for all, to give everyone the possibility to grow.

Oitzarisme Library is currently located at Allkimik, Calea Victoriei 16-20, etaj 4, (Pasaj Macca), Bucharest. All books are available for you to browse only on location. This means you cannot take photobooks  home with you. At least for the time being.

Be a part of this, it’s easy! If you are a photographer and have a photobook you want reviewed by us or just included in the library, send us an email. If you are a reader of our magazine and have a photobook you want to donate, send us an email. You are contributing to a good cause and give others chances they otherwise might not have.

All photobooks receives will be available in the Library.
Please keep in mind that if you liked the book – support the photographer.

Team Oitzarisme

List of photobooks available:

#oe001 – Contantin Nimigean – Love Issue 7
#oe002 – Contantin Nimigean – Love Issue 8
#oe003 – Jacek Fota – Some Things are Quieter than Others (donated by Jacek Fota)
#oe004 – Victor Boldâr – 07.05.75 Impresii. Henri Cartier-Bresson in Oltenia (donated by Dorian Delureanu)
#oe005 – Mihai Barabancea – Rescrierea Secventei/Overriding Sequence (donated by Mihai Barabancea)
#oe006 – Dictionar ilustrat de termeni fotografici (donated by Cristina Tinta)(buy the book here – external link)
#oe007 – Les tresors du National Geographic (donated by Oliver Merce)
#oe008 – De ce fotografia? (external link)(donated by Cristina Tinta)
#oe009 – Bucurestiul meu drag (external link)(donated by Cristina Tinta)
#oe010 – Victor Boldâr – Fotograful peliculei de cursă lungă (donated by Dorian Delureanu)
#oe011 – Costică Acsinte – Foto Splendid, volumul I: Viața socială (donated by Cezar Popescu)(buy the book here – external link)
#oe012 – Costică Acsinte – Ediție specială Foto Splendid, volumul I: Viața socială (donated by Cezar Popescu)(buy the book here – external link)
#oe013 – Andreea Tanase – Armenians in Romania. The stories of the people close to us (donated by Andreea Tanase)
#oe014 – Josef Koudelka – Invazie Praga 68 (donated by Czech Centre Bucharest)
#oe015 – Laurence Salzmann – La Baie/Bath Scenes (donated by Laurence Salzmann)

There are also various photo magazines available to browse.

(more to come)


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