Gustavo Minas - Bus Station

Gustavo Minas – Bus Station

“I moved to Brasilia in 2014. Previously I was photographing the lively, chaotic streets of São Paulo and so couldn’t help but hate Brasilia at first. Its huge, empty open spaces and unwalkable roads; the way people seemed to always…

Tim Gao - Invisible Theatre

Tim Gao – Invisible Theatre

“Street photography is not just a sharp triggering of the shutter to shape the outside world in the form of light and shadow. It is simultaneously a curious observation and emotional perception of what’s happening in the ordinary streets at…

Charalampos Kydonakis - eT

Charalampos Kydonakis – eT

“Unglücklich das land, das helden nötig hat – Bertolt Brecht” You can see this whole powerful series (and other photos as well) of Charalampos Kydonakis (aka Dirty Harrry) at

Sean Bradley - Super Bowl Parking Lot

Sean Bradley – Super Bowl Parking Lot

“I find interest in the alternate sides of situations.  I enjoy the moments between the official moments. These hidden instances tell the real story for me.  This project is about the moments between the excitement of traveling to the Super…

Oliver Merce - Crivina

Oliver Merce – Crivina

“A political decision was taken in 1976 to build a power plant at Crivina – about 10 km from Anina – to be closer to the quarry. The power plant was to operate using bituminous shale,. There were many difficulties…

Photobook Preview: Robert Rutod - Right Time Right Place

Photobook Preview: Robert Rutod – Right Time Right Place

On this Monday I share with you a photobook launch that looks like an interesting buy for the modern street-photography aficionados: Robert Rutod – Right Time Right Place. “Being at the right place at the right time is usually associated with happiness…