Aviad Tal -  Drainage divide

Aviad Tal – Drainage divide

“As the result of the political situation in Israel in the early 90’s, few agreements were signed between Israel government and the Palestinians leadership. The major outcome of the new agreements were three lines, A B and C, which defines…

Omri Talmor - Australia in Winter

Omri Talmor – Australia in Winter

“In 2007 I traveled to Australia to visit my family who lives in Sydney. I ended up exploring this vast continent for a period of more than six months, trying as hard as I can to document the many faces of the…

Giuseppe Mileti - Aræ Oleum

Giuseppe Mileti – Aræ Oleum

“I had passed through those streets thousands and thousands of times. And thousand of times had seen those faces. Time changes everything. It changes us. It changes how we view things and understand them. Houses collapse. Others take their place. Faces change….

Petros Koublis - In Dreams

Petros Koublis – In Dreams

Hardly through these watery spheres shall we perceive, with sighs, our ancestral heaven; at intervals even we shall cease altogether to behold it.  By this disastrous sentence direct vision is denied to us; we can see only by the aid of…

David Denil - Odiseja

David Denil – Odiseja

“For 10 days I explored the area at the Serbian-Hungarian border where the construction of a fence to hold back refugees is present. Going from Backi Breg at the Croatian border up till Rabe, the last small village in the…

Robert Chang - Nature Series

Robert Chang – Nature Series

“This project is made of pictures I take on the road. Me and my girlfriend often go on small road trips to places that are not considered tourist attractions or are relatively unknown. In Greece there are many untamed locations,…