Oitzarisme 2015

Oitzarisme 2015

Dear friends,
The end of 2015 is near. Lots of collaborations, contestsphotobook reviews and events. It’s been a great year for photography with some amazing features and great projects – you can see some of them below. I would like to thank our partners for their help. And I would like to thank you, for reading, sharing and supporting Oitzarisme.ro.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Cristian Bassa
Editor – Oitzarisme.ro

Yuli Gorodinsky – Untitled

Daniel Zakharov – The Signs of Life

Daniel Gentelev – The Imperfect Enjoyment

Cosmin Munteanu – Humanless

Mihai Biris – Visitors

Cristina Tinta – Love of flight

Oliver Merce – Orasul Nou

Remus Tiplea – The Gravediggers

Gustavo Minas – Limites

Oleg Koval – 4,2km

Virgil Mleşniţă – Silentium Magnum

Jan Gott – The Waiting Place

Dorel Frumusanu – It’s a Sad and Beautiful World

Andrei Lumpan – BUY!

David Denil – Odiseja

Jan Bernhardtz – Streets of Berlin

Magnus Arrevad – Boy Story

Elin Hoyland – The Brothers

Anca Mitroi – Ausserwelt

Iris Tusa and Tudor Tusa – Morocco Frames

Alex Magedler – A journey in Romania

Hajdu Tamas – Caput

Petros Koublis – In Dreams

Andrei Baciu – The Life and Happenings around Blejoi Bridge

Teodora Maftei – London Unedited

Andrea Dapueto – Surrounded by the Ice

Stefano Galli – Cars

Dragos-Radu Dumitrescu – Turk Masal

George Popescu – Mauritania

Dragos Rapeanu – Stan