George Popescu - Mauritania

George Popescu – Mauritania

“Despite the fact that there haven’t been any terrorists attacks in the last 4 years, Mauritania is still on the “red zone”, with no tourists visiting the country that was hosting Paris-Dakar rally until 2008. Because it was not safe and I couldn’t arrange to do this 4 years and 2 years ago when I was visiting the country, I was excited this time to ride on the top of the iron ore train that crosses the Sahara desert from Zouerate mine to the Nouadhibou harbor.

The travelers, who are usually traders that transport food and live animals, have to endure a 20 hours trip with periods of strong wind and temperatures that can reach 50 degree Celsius in the summer. All the pictures taken Sepember and October 2015, during a one month trip.” – George Popescu