Stefano Galli - Cars

Stefano Galli – Cars

“Stefano Galli’s work documents his journey of crossing deserts, through forgotten villages, on remote and empty roads. In ‘Cars’, geography is just as important as photography even if in his shots – distinctive sharp cuts – he leads away from the dusty streets and daily life. Galli conducts the imagination to an elsewhere where lines play with material and shape, where the tail lights and fenders are transformed into surreal and alien beings. Yet ‘Cars’ goes far beyond a mere figurative research, the work is conducted with rigor and awareness, typical of a geographer or an archivist.
In fact, Stefano meticulously notates the physical location of the intersection shown in each photograph.
Therefore, the project goes beyond the cult of the American car. Through this adventure, Galli tracks and defines – snap after snap – a cognitive path of the new continent. So there is an aspect that links these works to a deep investigation of American society and to aspects of decay and yet, mixed with a splendor that still dazzles. The essence of his idea lies not only in the aesthetics of the work, but also in his decision to show the layers of dust on the cars, the broken headlights and swollen wheels.
In this series, a fascination with America remains. A fascination with all its vastness and complexity, which attracts and disturbs at the same time.” – Maria Francesca Palmerio about “Cars” series by Stefano Galli

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