“Sequences” Photography Festival

“Sequences” Photography Festival

The ”Escamonde” Tourism and Arts Club, in partnership with the Association for Promoting and Developing Tourism Prahova, is organizing the third edition of the “Sequences” Photography Festival, between 25 – 27 September 2015. What the festival is showing, once again, is that photography has a strong grip on today’s society, and it’s doing this by promoting images and ideas belonging to Romanian and international artists. The main activities are workshops, conferences and photography displays. In addition to this, there will be jazz concerts, theatre plays, a handcraft market and other activities.

All events are open free of charge to the public.

This year we invited more than 40 photographers from all over the world, to exhibit their work at our festival. In the same time, we will have also group exhibitions with other tens of photographers. At this link you can find the complete list of the exhibitions.

List of artists present at “Sequences” Photography Festival:

Alina Negoiță

Website: http://www.sohodoll.co.uk/

Anca Mitroi

Anca Mitroi, with her easily recognizable personal style, holds a portfolio worth looking into. Her photographs have this dim melancholy, which seems to come from the very core of the music she listens to when she is selecting and editing her final images. She is especially drawn to portrait photography, thus offering us a new perspective on her models who appear to have fallen out of, or better yet into the artist’s dreams, populated by mystery and improvisation.
Anca often turns to costume makers and little tricks in order to submerge us into a personal vision where reality is overwhelmed by imagination. Shy as a squirrel as she is, nevertheless we are sure you will love her and her art immensely, at “Sequences” Photography Festival in Ploiesti, in September.

Website: http://masqueradeinfernale.wordpress.com/

Aurel Manea

Aurel Manea is very passionate about travel photography. He has been in several European countries, but he fell in love with the northern part of the continent, thus his favorite country is Iceland. This is why his favourite stills are mostly about cold landscapes.
His portfolio offers ample perspectives over the places he encounters. The absence of characters leaves the viewer captivated with the surroundings, but, at the same time, it gives you the feeling that you are in the photographer’s place.
Aurel feels an urge to explore and he gets carried away by it. Always looking for unrealistic scenes, his images are out of ordinary, rising one perpetuous question: when and where does nature offer this spectacle?
Website: http://www.aurelm.com/

Bandia Ribeira

Bandia is a very passionate photographer with a degree in Political Science and another one in Documentary Photography. She has also a pretty long list of exhibitions and awards.
Through her journeys she documented subjects such as agriculture seasonal workers, women in prison and postindustrial societies. Her photography is sincere and it shows us, without boundaries, the life of the people she encounters.
Even though she is a simple observant, Bandia wants to tell these stories in her own way. Searching through her images you can find unique details and perspectives which capture the atmosphere and manage to round up the lives of her subjects.

Bogdan Comănescu

Bogdan is a photographer interested in capturing the human emotions in the best available light. If he has to wake up at 5 am or go to another continent to do that, he will do it in a blink. Revealing stories about common people and peasant daily life is his main goal and is doing it so well. Follow his steps and see his travel photographs and you will discover a wonderful world at every corner.

Website: http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/profile/442689/

Carolina de Vera
Carolina loves constructing images with objects and concepts that seem opposed. She combines simple, clear textures with complex and detailed subjects, succeeding to intrigue you. The colors are vivid and consistent with the energy of the subjects.
The artist has an eclectic style and a very unique manner of tackling her topics. She approaches every idea with fresh eyes, escaping all prejudice about how one should look at things. Mixing photography with collage or, in a more eccentric approach, shooting bags with hair and eyes may be hard to digest for your usual commercial photography.
In a more personal matter, Carolina creates driven by a deep psychological and philosophical prospect, wanting to overtake an unbiased way of viewing a being.
Website: http://www.lawebdemadagascar.com/

Cătălin Munteanu
Catalin is a contextual photographer who is always searching for an authentic moment. His shots manage to convey the real atmosphere of the places he captures, with simplicity and precision. He documents in a classic manner complex elements which he orders in a very natural way. The duplication of these elements and also the stillness of the images can sometimes give us the impression we are looking at a collage or an illustration.

Website: http://freestate-photographic.com


Cătălin Pomeanu
Catalin Pomeanu calls himself an amateur photographer, but his photographs are taken with the eyes of a professional. He is devoted to nature and manages to capture it by being fully there, in the right spot, at the right time. Technique and creativity are combined in an excellent way, thus his pictures give you the impression you are in the world of Romanian fairytales.
Catalin plays well with light and he catches the most intimate and idyllic moments of nature and of the actual Romanian village. His escape from the city and from the ordinary conveys the essence of ancestral lands.
Website: http://www.facebook.com/pomeanu.ro

Christoph Soeder
Christoph Soeder is a young photographer with already several awards and exhibitions in his record. Between his academic studies and personal projects he managed to develop a unique style adopting controversial and complex subjects. The way he compose the photographs is truly inspiring. Using reflections, objects and anything he can, he plays with the subject and in the same time with the viewer. Sometimes you just do not know what are you looking at, but the short texts and the smart clues he leaves, give you a clear perspective about the subject.

Website: http://christophsoeder.com/

Clio Ryan
Clio Ryan is an irish photographer who has recently finished her degree in Documentary Photography at the University of South Wales.
Her photography approaches controversial themes such as capitalism, gender, waste, the domestic roles of woman and so on. She makes self-portraits in her attempt to raise awareness over these important social issues, but in the projects C. Ryan’s Guide to Capitalism: Self Removal and C. Ryan’s Guide to Photography she successfully experiments with different objects as if she’s trying to satisfy a personal curiosity.
Her images are shocking, yet insightful, managing to put the viewer in a more responsible perspective.

Website: http://cargocollective.com/clioryan

Cristiana Apostol
Cristiana is one of the first people to confirm her participation in the third edition of the festival. She’s from Bucharest and her passion for photography is not only extremely strong, but it stands indestructible from the water which the artist uses as a means to create magnificent images. She is bringing to the festival a series of 9 photographs, representing portraits of beautiful women surrounded by water and veils. We hope you will enjoy these images, starting 25 September.

Website: http://www.cristianaapostol.com/

Dafina Jeacă

The glorious years of analogue photography are long behind us, but quite a few artists have still remained faithful to film and they continue to produce amazing series. Dafina prefers to work on film and what she is creating is full of feelings and even poetry.
She wants to bring forth the beauty in everything, thus comes into contact with people of different ages and with a different social background, but she is perfectly interacting with them, as willing as she is to convey the beauty of their faces and the importance of their actions. We are looking forward to seeing you at the festival in order to admire her photographs, but, more than that, her subjects.

Website: http://dafinajeaca.ro/


Diana Stanciu

Diana’s love for fashion can be observed from the photographs she takes. She gave up her modelling career discovering that she prefers to be behind the camera and not in front of it.
She specializes in portrait and fashion photography because she likes to play with elements such as style, hair and make-up, managing to create chromatic stories full of charm. She works mostly with natural light capturing powerful moods and feelings which you can’t ignore.

Website: http://dianastanciu.ro/

Ellie Paris

Ellie express her artistic thoughts using amalgam colleges. Putting together lost & found images she creates stories about the threat of surveillance, both personal and political. Scopophobia or the surrealistic world of Kim Jong Un, are some of the subjects approached in her past projects. It may look more of an outside artist in the actual digital era, but her goal is more important than the medium she uses.
Currently based in south-west of UK, she took her degree in Photographic Art from the University of South Wales, Newport.
Website: http://eleanor-paris.tumblr.com/

Felicia Simion

Felicia Simion is a young talented girl who began her photographic activity at an early age, when the surreal is very close to reality. After 8 years we can say she has an admirable portfolio and a long list of publications and exibitions.
She developed a dramatic style which is very captivating, using personalised shades and strong contrasts. She shows an interest in portraits embracing both the traveling photography and the fashion one, with which she plays, creating powerful, feminine characters. Her photographs are always atypical and authentic.

Website: http://www.feliciasimionphotography.com/


Florin Andreescu

If we were to write a Romanian history of photography, a full chapter will be dedicated to Florin Andreescu’s photography. In his youth, he recorded the social life of communist Romania wandering between streets and empty shelves.
After the fall of the regime, he took his passion to a higher level, opening a studio and starting to photograph the country life, the churches and almost everything is precious in these lands. Always being active in the artistic scene he built a reputation hard to reach.
Among so many other photo books he released, the Flashback vol I & II are probably the closest ones to the documentary style and we invited him to our festival especially to exhibit these special images that give us a good view over those difficult times of the ’80s.

Website: http://www.florinandreescu.com/

Gadi Habumugisha

Rwanda is a country Romanians do not know much of, maybe because there is no diplomatic relationship between the two, but nevertheless we should find out more about it’s recent history and about what is happening there now.
Gadi Habumugisha is a local photographer directly invloved with The Rwanda Project. The project, also called Through the Eyes of Children, was created by David Jiranek, who, in the 2000, started a series of photography workshops for the children in the Imbabazi Orphanage. Gadi is one of the children raised in that orphanage. His photographs are entirely shot in Rwanda, a place that is in full rehabilitation process. His images capture this difficult process and offer a real perspective over the challenges these people encounter.
At the Sequences Photography Festival we will hold a fundraising campaign for this community. You can purchase the photographs printed byEpson CISS Original. All the funds will be directed to the Imbabazi Orphanage.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/RwandaProject

Gareth Jarvis

Gareth is from South Wales and his passion through art consist in bringing old school photographic techniques back to life. Working in the dark room with chemistry, light and paper, he creates wonderful glass plates with portraits and landscapes.
Travelling and knowing people are also important for him and each time he has the opportunity he will go in a heartbeat, following his strong instinct.
In Ploiești he will present us the way he works and he will also make lots of portraits using the “Collodion process”. If you want to have a portrait just like those from the 19th century, come to our festival and get in touch!

Gina Buliga

Gina is a talented photographer who loves expressing herself in this visual medium. Children are her main characters and they manage to tell their own stories with visible joy and openness.
In this process the artists becomes a child too and she is able to meet again the world through innocent and happy eyes thus creating really stunning images.

Website: http://www.ginabuliga.com

Hannah Saunders

Hannah is currently based in Cardiff, Wales and she is exploring the taboos of the body and nudity. Her photographs are authentic and they seem to be part of the artist’s diary.
Her latest project is just about that: body, nudity, intimacy and it is called Karass. Like most of her photographs, these images are very personal. She portrays the people she loves and cherishes in their most sincere state: nude. Her shots are bright and colorful with a vague mystery surrounding thesubjects who are very relaxed in front of Hannah’s camera.

Website: http://www.hannahsaunders.co.uk/

Harriet Simmons

Harriet is making use of documentary photography to express her views and opinions regarding the human nature, most of the time by using artistic approaches in her images. Dealing with feminist and even surrealist themes she explores her intimate experiences by producing work opening your mind in ways it has not been opened before. You will stand in front of these photographs trying to understand all the senses imprinted. You will stand still, speechless and amazed.
Join us this September and let us know what you discovered looking at her wonderful, yet subjective, photographs.

Ilinca Vânău

Ilinca’s photography is very intimate and sincere. She silently steals moments, glances and stories depositing these pieces of memories in a safe, immune place: her portfolio. Her images seem familiar to the viewer thanks to the little details that frame the picture in an apparent well-known place.
The portraits she takes are personal; the approach is a close one and the mimic strong and powerful. The stories they tell remain untold, but they succeed in remaining remembered.

Website: http://cargocollective.com/ilincavanau

Ioana Casapu

Ioana Cristina Casapu is an artist who enjoys writing and photographing. She is also a creative director. Her work got featured in Cultartes, Feature Shot, Vice and so on.
Since 2013 she started experimenting with Polaroid film and recently started a project called Romanian Polaroid Photographers.
Her images are very feminine and playful. She has a very personal way of portraying people as if she’s telling a story about herself.

Website: http://ioanacasapu.com/

Jesse Alexander

Jesse Alexander is a photographer, writer and freelance lecturer, currently working as a Photography Curriculum Leader at the Open College of the Arts and, also, as a Visiting Lecturer in Photography at University of South Wales, Newport.
His photography portfolio has both commercial and personal projects which are mostly consistent in quiet, large spaces. He is interested in capturing the realities of a landscape modified and adapted to the needs of man today.
In these projects the photographer becomes a simple observant who does not interfere with any of his subjects. He only passes through documenting the silence and stillness of the places he encounters.

Website: http://jessealexanderonphotography.com/

Julien Coquentin

Julien is a photographer who depicts his memories through beautiful, well organized series as if he wants to build his very own memory land. In his journeys he always tries to capture quiet, dreamy places in which, somehow, he finds himself.
Most of his shots are taken in his homeland, France. These images manage to overtake the earliest childhood memories of the artists while grasping the present.
Julien’s photographs are mystic and full of nostalgia.

Website: http://www.juliencoquentin.com


Lorna Foster

Lorna has a degree in Photographic Art and a very particular way of photographing. Looking at her images you may not understand what you are looking at because her shots seem to be some kind of abstract art.
You may take her as a misunderstood artist, but her projects are very clear and representative once explained. She plays with sculpture and printmaking in her attempt to represent the barriers between the physical and the metaphorical within our nature and culture. Her work is a complicated process which requires patience, but once revealed, it showcases fascinating imagery which captivates the viewer.

Marc Wilson

Interested in capturing the memory of the places that surround us, Marc is travelling from border to border, marking with his camera some strategic points of view, points used by our elders in their struggle of conquest or surviving.
Having an eye for straight angles and shapes, he is waiting for the perfect moment to make the picture. The calm of his imagery is very well coordinated by choosing the right moment and the proper weather to press the shutter. Researching, documenting and presenting – these are some of the words that describe his style, one that can be recognized almost immediately.

Website: http://marcwilson.co.uk/

Mikey Brand

Mikey Brand has always been attracted to the creative fields and before joining the renowned Documentary Photography course at the University of South Wales, Newport, he also studied fashion, media and design at the same institute.
It seems that his artistic inclination helped him and this can be seen in the way he manages to capture some really powerful emotions using the photographic medium. The portraits he makes are natural and due to the fact that his subjects are looking comfortable with him around, is making us to believe that he is almost an invisible man. In the same time, having a passion for animals, he portrays them using the same principles as when his working with humans.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Brandedfoto

Molly Kempster

Molly Kempster is in her third year at the University of South Wales, Newport, where she studies documentary photography. Her portfolio consists of the projects she developed in her first two years of study. The themes she approaches are very different, from family portraits, to static landscapes, which remind us of stories that happened hundreds of years ago. Still, they have a common ground: her photographic film, which she won’t give up over a digital sensor.
It seems she has some kind of magical power because all her photographs are shrouded by a mystical feeling. It’s almost like she has lost herself on a movie set, and every corner and subject has a history which we cannot fully understand. Her photographs always give us something to think about, but only the text written about the story manages to elucidate the whole picture.
We invite you to enjoy her beautiful shoots.

Nicolae Chirobocea

Surrounded by a family that gives him love and inspiration, Nicolae has an honest passion for simple photography, both portrait and landscape. Interested in capturing the essence of things, he spends a proper amount of time close to the grass and the subjects that are crawling beneath our feet. Being a teacher, he has an inclination towards education, so it was easy for him to learn various techniques. He thinks that everything has a higher reason and his motivation is the creation itself.
Website: http://fotofanurie.ro

Oliver Merce

Oliver Merce is a photographer who seizes the moment. Everything he captures belongs to present time. It is all here and now. Fascinated with black and white street photography, which he absolutely excels at, this young artist reveals to us unique moments in his subjects’ lives. Drawn not only by the aesthetics but also by the story behind the image, Oliver shows us a dramatic world; a world full of sorrow, cruelty, realism and irony. It is safe to say that he uses the art of banter in his photographs in order to fully express the spirit of the street.
What he is aiming at is to compensate the sadness in his work with humour and compassion. Transported in the documentary itself, in the world of his subjects, we actually want to be there. We are eager to find out more details, more information; we even want to become the people in his images.

Website: http://oliver-merce.ro/


Oltin Dogaru

Oltin Dogaru is a well-known Romanian fashion photographer who works with several magazines such as Harper’s Bazar, Beau Monde, The One, Glamour etc.
He is passionate about mathematics and graphic design, but since 2005, when he discovered photography, remained dedicated to his camera managing to create unforgettable shots. His high-quality editorials are captivating and lead you into colorful, yet complex stories. In his photographs the models become memorable characters who tell an unknown story which you can’t discover completely, thus leaving you with a continuous desire to “read” more.
Website: http://www.oltindogaru.com/

Ruxandra Rădulescu

Ruxandra has a great eye for portraits. Her photos are both theatrical and expressive. She loves mysteries and tries to capture them so they can last forever. Wandering around and getting implicated in projects, she managed to create a strong portfolio in which she gathered precious memories.
In her latest series she creates powerful and sensible characters, surrounded with a mystical feeling. We can assume she attempts to reinterpret some archetypal personas who can now live independently in her body of work.
Website: http://ruxandraradulescu.wordpress.com/

Ryan Bradley

Ryan is interested in telling stories about the places and the people he meets trying to create a relation between the viewer and the subject. Occasionally he shows us the unknown parts of the things he’s passionate about, like hip hop and skateboarding.
Through his latest project called HS2 – ‘The Calm Before the Storm’ he’s trying to raise a serious problem. He wants to give a warning about the drastic changes that are about to happen to parts of the beautiful countryside of Britain. This way he wants to make the viewer aware and responsible of his surroundings and at the same time encourages people to take action.

Sarah Oleksik

“The beautifully grotesque” could be one way to describe Sarah’s work. “The macabre art” could be another one and the combination of two will give you just the right feeling to understand her interest. She just finished her degree in Photographic Art and now the road is an open one. At our festival she will have an installation of lcd screens, revealing us the beauty of the sleepers with a taste of death and disorder.
With a strong and diverse meaning of “the beautiful” she will capture all your attention during the last days of September, embracing the very beginning of nature’s death.

Sebastian Bruno

Sebastian shots mainly in black and white thus creating timeless frames of a world full of uncompromised transition, caught in misconception and prejudgment. His projects reveal to us characters that look reluctant, although they don’t seem to mind the camera.
The artist strives to capture the essence of these people and places, which are mainly translated in little details such as a piece of clothing, a haircut or certain body language.
In his lastest project, the artist tries to reenact Don Quixote’s journey through the landscapes of Castilla-La Mancha.

Website: http://www.sebastianbruno.com/

Sebastian Puraci

The passion for nature has always been a bridge between future photographers. Many of them took their camera with them along the different trails in order to capture the beauty that lies only a few kilometers away from the cities made out of concrete and brick. Coming from a wish of introducing others to the mountain paths and presenting to them the miracle of nature, Sebastian chose two simultaneous roads: the one of the mountain and, of course, the one of imagery.
Fascinated with the villagers’ stories and their words of wisdom, photo-ethnography suited him just as well and he succeeded in capturing the people’s souls in his images.
Making an important step forward, he left the green pathways of the forests and made a longer stop in the ghost towns that surround the Romanian mountains.
Disaster had already struck and claimed that area and it is exactly this avalanche of poverty that Sebastian has been capturing. The small town of Anina revealed its secrets to him and in his turn he was honest to the inhabitants. Sebastian’s pursuit of capturing the harsh reality, without the glow and drama the media lights upon it, has started to pay off and the first series on the industrial giants of the Ceausescu era turned out quite well.
All of Sebastian Puraci’s projects offer us insight not only in his interest in the outdoors, but also in his strong desire to document and get involved in Romanian social life.
Website: http://sebastianpuraci.blogspot.ro/

Thomas Kirby

Thomas is a young artist concentrated on photographing complex social issues. His projects are developed in statements about the problems of today’s society and the way individuals deal with them. His images are chaotic, yet simple. It seems that he manages to break through very sensible boundaries that reveal hidden or unsaid stories. At our festival he will showcase one of these projects called “Bin Juice”. The series are concentrated on capturing the domestic waste problem from Britain.