Iris Tusa and Tudor Tusa - Morocco Frames

Iris Tusa and Tudor Tusa – Morocco Frames

“We traveled to Morocco and felt its grace and beauty, wishing to capture in our photos an intimate portrait of this exotic country. Searching with great curiosity every place that we could reach, we extracted the beauty that surrounded us. Our theme wasn’t a specific one, so there were no restriction, just the joy of discovering a new place with such a great photographic potential. The photos are a visual proof of our journey and perception of this great place where people, colors, backgrounds mix perfectly together painting Morocco’s portrait.” – Iris Tusa and Tudor Tusa

Iris Tusa- 2 Iris Tusa-4 Iris Tusa-1 Iris Tusa 21Iris Tusa-5 Iris Tusa-9 Iris Tusa-8 Iris Tusa-6Tudor Tusa 13 Tudor Tusa 17 Tudor Tusa 15 Tudor Tusa 14Tudor Tusa-10 Tudor Tusa 22 Tudor Tusa 19 Tudor Tusa 18

About the authors: Iris Tusa: photographer, formed at the Poetic Photography School- Francisc Mraz and member of the recently established photographic collective BULB (Bucharest Urban League of photographers for the Balkans). Tudor Tusa: photographer formed at the Poetic Photography School – Francisc Mraz.