Lorenzo Papi - Casa Verdi

Lorenzo Papi – Casa Verdi

“I walked on tiptoe, silently, along the endless corridors from which branched rooms and halls. I imagined, I dreamed of being in an ancient mansion, almost as if I were traveling back in time. I watched, I tried to eat with my eyes more than I could, faces, furnishings, paintings: all like those of a hundred years ago. I closed my eyes. I was lost but I wasn’t alone, I was being driven, rather I felt almost accompanied by what was now a song, a sound and then a music: sometimes it was a violin or a harp, but after a few steps oncoming a piano or a tuba; their voices hugged me. I opened my eyes and saw that every sound was coming from a different room. That house hid a secret that revealed little by little, each room was a piece of a great orchestra, an orchestra like those of a century ago.”
Casa Verdi was born in Milan in 1899, a retirement home for musicians and singers founded by the composer Giuseppe Verdi, whose body still rests in the crypt next to his wife Giuseppina Strepponi. Casa Verdi is a Neogothic palace that, in my vision, become a successful way to tackle the inexorable advance of age. A great strength to strength to spend the last years with all the spirit and enthusiasm that animated the lives of important artists.Guests of Casa Verdi spend their days by alternating recreational moments in company to to moments of reflection and private music studio. You could lose track of time listening to the experiences and adventures that have marked the lives of elderly people that living in the house. Casa Verdi and its residents are able to fascinate for their unique way of tackling even the less pleasant moments of life and to be even, with their existence and wisdom, useful to all generations: present and future.” – Lorenzo Papi

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Lorenzo Papi “is a documentary photographer born in 1989, he is focused on a personal aesthetics and research. He met photography  for the first time when he was 16 with disastrous results, follows a break of many years. In the 2012 they met once again, thanks to the discovery of some old analog cameras leave him an inheritance from his grandfather. From that moment it was true love.”