Ani Zur - It’s not forever

Ani Zur – It’s not forever

Photography is like therapy. Exactly so the characteristics of ‘It’s not forever’ series can sound, where the author as the mother of a suckling without physical possibility to exist in the parallel world constructs it with the camera assistance and…

Hajdu Tamas - Caput

Hajdu Tamas – Caput

“My specialty in veterinary medicine is the diagnostics of prion diseases. The deer that are hunted in my lab’s territorial jurisdiction have samples of their brains tested. I have worked on hundreds of beautiful specimens and as each one lay…

“Sequences” Photography Festival

“Sequences” Photography Festival

The ”Escamonde” Tourism and Arts Club, in partnership with the Association for Promoting and Developing Tourism Prahova, is organizing the third edition of the “Sequences” Photography Festival, between 25 – 27 September 2015. What the festival is showing, once again,…

Julien Coquentin - Dead zone

Julien Coquentin – Dead zone

“The dead zone – I like to make long series, spread over months, years. This allows me to better comprehend my subject and to apprehend it over the years, discovering step by step what I wanted to say in the…

Anca Mitroi - Ausserwelt

Anca Mitroi – Ausserwelt

“The Ausserwelt series is a story about the end of human era. It is gradually built, from the death and transformation of the last human being – illustrated by diaphane frames, with blooming nature surrounding the subject – and it…

Iris Tusa and Tudor Tusa - Morocco Frames

Iris Tusa and Tudor Tusa – Morocco Frames

“We traveled to Morocco and felt its grace and beauty, wishing to capture in our photos an intimate portrait of this exotic country. Searching with great curiosity every place that we could reach, we extracted the beauty that surrounded us….