Submission Monday

Submission Monday

Dennis BaburovBolshaia Volga “is a study of a ex-great Russian river. Once praised in bylinas and fairy tales, in paintings of Levitan and Repin, in Gorky and Ostrovsky plays this river nourished Russian people generation after generation. What is Volga today? In what way people living along Volga are differ? What is happening with the river in the these days? Answers to these questions I’m seeking in this project.Photographs have been taken in towns along Volga: Plyos, Volgograd, Saratov, Sviyazhsk and Dubna. These towns with great history have changed much recently thus the river changed as well. Today one town is a special economic zone with no pier whatsoever, another is a tourist’s kiosk, third is a shopping arcade for metropolitan folks. In these photographs the history of Volga river is presented, that which it was told to me.”

dennis 140701-6 dennis 150106-025

RA FriedmanAll Roads Lead to Brooklyn… “In these photographs I’m searching for childhood remnants, trying to connect my individual and collective past with the present. I photograph to overcome the disorientation of dwelling again in my childhood city, one that my parents abandoned in the early 1970’s. Since the 90’s I have lived and worked in Philadelphia. I am back in NYC for the best of reasons—love. I work slowly, develop the black and white film and carefully scan each frame. I often walk long distances scouring the neighborhood and beyond for meaningful things. Lugging around a big, heavy, medium format camera helps keep me grounded. I do not worry if I come home with few or no film captures; it’s the process that is important.”

RA_Friedman_9- RA_Friedman_5

Evgeniy StepanetsMeeting places “Exploring night cityscapes I feel mystic and magnetism from places that connected with human activities. Series about places, that full of people during the day, but empty in the night. Besides, staying out of our attention, transit places – railway stations, smoking room, backyards of supermarkets, all these paces keep a story about human communications.”

DSC_0135s 7751989360_b22ec80a0f_o

Gabor KaszaConcrete passages about closeness and coldness… and a couple of songs “A poetic photo series about relationships. The story taking place in a grey concrete space is like strolling amongst the pieces of a contemporary opera set. Interludes span between the main scenes, in this case they are smaller abstract compositions, which I call ‘songs’. Thus these abstract elements positioned between the happenings of figural pictures get filled up with different emotions, which rolls the story on to other emotive qualities. It is just like the songs in musicals or the instrumental music between two acts in the classical theatre. Geometric patterns draw the story as they return from image to image and this way help to establish coherence in the series.
Despite the pictorial impression we can peer into the smallest details and we will meet concrete realistic photography, because all things are real. I do not use montage technique or any other digital tricks. The third formal element is a diptych, in which case I shot the same space from two different points of view. One pair of photos was taken at the same moment. The series is an investigation on the connections of space, time and subjective reality through the relations of human kind.

gabor_kasza_concrete_13 gabor_kasza_concrete_15

Sultan Al Rubayq Tafheet “is car drifting in Saudi Arabia but definitely treated as illegal and not recognized as an official sport. However, it is still rampant in the public roads in my country and that means it continues to create reasons for people to die in accidents, whether the drifters or just mere spectators. My sole purpose in showing this documentary is to be a medium of exposing the dangers and threats of this to innocent victims. ”

Sultan-8 Sultan-6

Yoav FriedlanderA Form of View “I grew up in the valleys of the Judean Desert between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. My work presents the chaotic perception of an “Americanized Israeli”; composed of mediated American culture, desert landscapes, and war, which became integral throughout my life. I mix Scale models with straight photographs, both of Israel and the US, and I form a conjunction between two different cultures and sets of geographical locations. The work is based on the recognition that our world is informed by images, as Photographs represent and replace experiences & memories.Various aspects of our reality are being described by photographs and have never being experienced by us in person. Photographs have set the expectations for things we’ll might experience; at times we find ourselves considering what is real to be different from how it should be according to its own image. […]”

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Doris DopplerFairground “When not filled with laughter, music and excited children, fairgrounds are rather depressing places. When shooting these pictures in Innsbruck (Austria) early on a cloudy Sunday morning, an old man appeared, wearing the uniform of a security guard, talking with himself and coughing up tons of phlegm. Eventually he turned on loud music at some funfair attraction like he could not stand the loneliness of this place.”

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Kilian Müller – Guardians of the Church “What happens to a culture when those that transmit it disappear? The Transylvanian Saxons are dealing with this question for the past 25 years. This German speaking minority migrated from Romania to Germany due to their oppression under the communist regime. When the communist rulership ended in 1989, the majority of the saxon people left the country and with it the heritage of their 850 year old culture.[…]”

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