Mircea Albuţiu - Vasile Serghevici Serbov

Mircea Albuţiu – Vasile Serghevici Serbov

“The series Vasile Serghevici Serbov was done in January 2015. Iona Bursan and me went to Sfistofca, to spend some days with the small Russian community living there. We stayed in aunt Irina’s house and participate at the daily life in the community.
This is what Ioana said about Vasile Serghevici Serbov: “Although Vasile is not the most religious person I’ve met, rather going to church only on rare occasions, there is still, hidden deep in his intimacy, a special relationship with the divine.” – Mircea Albuţiu

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Mircea was previously featured on Oitzarisme with “Evening”.