Photobook Review: Costică Acsinte - Foto Splendid vol.1: Social Life

Photobook Review: Costică Acsinte – Foto Splendid vol.1: Social Life

“Too quickly do we forget our ancestors, we demolish our heritage buildings with too much ease, we respect the past less and less, as if we were the most forgetful nation of Europe.” – Filip-Lucian Iorga, historian

Costică Acsinte was born 4th of July, 1897 in a small village called Perieți, Ialomița County. He fought in WWI. Despite his formation as a pilot, he was a official war photographer till 15th of June, 1920. As soon as the war was over he opened a studio — „Foto Splendid C. Acsinte“ in Slobozia town. Dies at 87, on 7th of January, 1984.

Costică Acsinte’s legacy consists in about 5000 film negatives on glass plates, a smaller number of sheet film negatives and an unknown number of photographic prints. Most of the prints bear the stamp of the photography studio “Foto Splendid Acsinte” on the back. 2013 saw the initiation of a project for digitizing this vast collection of moments from the past, some of the works being in an advanced state of degradation. Currently the digital version of Costică Acsinte’s works is under public domain and the progress of the digitalization project can be traced on the project’s website:

The photobook comes in three editions:
Volumul I Viața socială/Social Life (Romanian/English)(122pag)
Editura Filos, București, 2015
ISBN: 9786068619170ca1

Volumul I Viața socială — ediție specială Ana Barton (Romanian only)(114pag)
Editura Filos, București, 2015
ISBN: 9786068619163ca2

I was thinking earlier it’s hard to do a photobook review on documentary photography and I was not wrong. Basically there are very few things you can tell about such a book. If you like the photos, if you want to own a part of our photographic history you should buy it. I personally recommend the normal edition of the book as I am not a fan of personal interpretations of old documentary photography. Neither a fan of coloring old photos also but as seen as they are public domain anyone can enjoy them as they wish. Please find below some photos from the photobook that need no further words.

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