EASTREET 3 - Street Photography from Eastern Europe

EASTREET 3 – Street Photography from Eastern Europe

“Join the 3rd edition of Eastreet – unique project dedicated to street and documentary photography from the region of Eastern Europe. The Open Call runs from 30 March until 27 April 2015, don’t miss it!

The new edition of Eastreet will have it’s premiere on 10 July 2015 in Lublin, Poland. Once again we would like to have a closer look at the human presence within the public spaces of Eastern Europe, through the unposed, spontaneous photos using the street photography language and approach. Photos which can help us to look at the region beyond stereotypes, borders and differences, and at the same time – to present its current state and find unique qualities which could help us describe it. The goal of Eastreet is to create a diverse portrait of this complex region through the group exhibition and publication, as well as to promote the work created in Eastern Europe.

Photos selected by a group of Curators will be presented in a form of a gallery exhibition and an additional outdoor installation in the Lublin’s centre. We will also publish a special book presenting all the selected photographs together with author’s biographies. Curators of this year’s edition are: Joanna Kinowska, Aleksander Bochenek, Grzegorz Ostrega, Tomasz Kulbowski, as well as the special guest: George Georgiou.

Eastreet is one of the biggest initiatives promoting street photography from Eastern Europe. Almost 10.000 photos were submitted to the previous editions by the authors from around the world. We’ve selected and presented over 200 photos by the authors from 22 countries, during both editions. The previous exhibitions after the initial show in Poland, were presented at the Kolga Festival in Georgia, in France, Belgium, and as a slideshow at the Angkor Photo Festival in Cambodia, in Thailand and other places. Approximately 10.000 people visited Eastreet in total.

The idea of Eastreet is evolving – it’s not only the exhibition and collection of street photography, but also a platform for communication, education and inspiration for the photographers working in the region. The forthcoming edition will be accompanied by a series of educational events, professional practice workshops and lectures. We will also give an opportunity to Eastreet authors to present and discuss their work during the event.

See more details about the project and how to submit your photos on our website:
http://eastreet.eu/e2015/ ”

Eastreet-(c)-Antonis_DamolisAntonis Damolis


Eastreet-(c)-Dmitry-MuzalevDmitry Muzalev


Eastreet-(c)-Artem-TovstinchukArtem Tovstinchuk


Eastreet-(c)-Artem_ZhitenevArtem Zhitenev


Eastreet-(c)-Ksenia_TsykunovaKsenia Tsykunova


Eastreet-(c)-Maciej-DakowiczMaciej Dakowicz


Eastreet-(c)-Lukas-VasilikosLukas Vasilikos


Eastreet-(c)-Mikhail_PalinchakMikhail Palinchak


Eastreet-(c)-Tomer_Ifrah_MoscowTomer Ifrah


Eastreet-(c)-Wojciech-GrzedzinskiWojciech Grzedzinski.