Kirill Kovalenko - Beach Sequence pt.3

Kirill Kovalenko – Beach Sequence pt.3

“This series I began to shoot last spring. As usual, I didn’t plan to do a series originally, but had developed a visual line, trying is the best way to dive into what I am most concerned at the moment. The whole complex of ideas and currents of sentiment which prevailed inside me during the period when I was shooting this series was poured. Outwardly quite a romantic picture of a peaceful, happy existence, almost idyllic. In bright  and unsaturated colors, perfect peace, tranquility, serenity feeling the absolute ideality of the situation and cannot be thought about the threat, partly it all like echoes of actual dreams. But there is the feeling of a lack of time, as if all those people to come and do what they do solely by inertia or habit. Has already clearly left a past,  unknown future, but this all goes on, as if there were no first and second, neither before nor after. What really want these people from life? for the sake of what they live? All pictures were taken on the beaches of the Crimea, in a very controversial time period with different points of view. The beaches were chosen because they are considered by many people to be an indicator of the intensity of the rhythm of life in this place” – Kirill Kovalenko

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