Frederic Vanwalleghem - La vida preciosa

Frederic Vanwalleghem – La vida preciosa

La vida preciosa refers to the isolated and unique way of life I found Cubans to have… of course with it’s flaws concerning personal freedom but away from capitalistic forces that would make this society and its people less social-minded and more individualistic. The images are not intended to tell a story as a whole, but are small stories separately and documents of encounters and places I visited.” Frederic Vanwalleghem

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Frederic Vanwalleghem is a photographer born in Belgium, 1978. He specialises in experiential documentary, reportage and portraiture. Next to his personal artwork on the human condition he now focuses on commissioned documentary series in South-East Asia and humanitarian stories like the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. You can find more of his works at his website:

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