Yuli Gorodinsky - Untitled

Yuli Gorodinsky – Untitled

“For me, taking pictures is not a matter of conscious decision. It is rather a zen-like, daily exercise in paying attention. Through it, I look for poetic possibilities in everyday reality.  My photographic practice operates somewhere between the fear-of-loosing-the-moment gut reaction characteristic of street photography and the reflexive aesthetics of New Topography. Although nothing is staged in these frames, they lack the “edginess” of the real. Using distant, minimalistic compositions, while avoiding explicit social commentary, I create for myself an escapist fantasy; everything is in its place, connected, innocent, attainable. Most of my personal work is shot on film, a medium which creates a delay between the moment the picture is taken and its final materialization, a space in which the original vision still exists, unscathed by reality. This gap is what intrigues me in the photographic process and these pictures, though always evading the initial intent, ultimately function as its nostalgic reminder.” – Yuli Gorodinsky

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Yuli is a 30 years old self-taught photographer, with a background in cinema studies and graphic design, originally born in St Petersburg, Russia, currently living in Tel Aviv, Israel. You can see his whole series here: http://yuligorodinsky.com/Untitled and more projects on his site.

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