Sergiu Salcau - Romania’s beauty

Sergiu Salcau – Romania’s beauty

“It could all be considered a paradox. I’ve seen people that have it all, especially compared to these kids. Unfortunately they don’t have the joy. Their faces don’t reflect this joy and genuine beauty, even for a camera ! I have yet to see so much beauty. But also, being in more than one place like this, I realize that I should see them all. Every place like this one, any place like this one. This country of ours hides an astounding beauty on children’s faces. And I realize that it may be a redundant photographic subject, maybe it has already been a while since documenting something like this has become some sort of cliché. But as far as I am concerned, reality, any sort of reality is what interests me. I really can’t strive to have a more adequate verbal expression about it. What I do care about is reality. And taking my heart and camera to it.” – Sergiu Salcau

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About two years ago Sergiu submitted a heart-warming story: “Christmas in the slums”. After two years, on the first day of Christmas he’s back with another project – you can see the full story on his website at

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