Photobook Review: Jacek Fota - Some Things are Quieter than Others

Photobook Review: Jacek Fota – Some Things are Quieter than Others

Doing a previous feature of on for the very warm and lively project “Wrestling Kids” I must say that this photobook submission caught me by surprise.

The photobook is literally a small notebook. A very intriguing one by the looks of the mysterious watercolor from the cover and the green binding. It has a upper centered label with a handwritten name on it. So, we are looking at a journal: at the next turn of the page I will take a glimpse into someone’s journal.

After the initial dedication page I found myself in the presence of yet another unusual thing: although it is a journal, it has no text, no explanation, no guidelines or indication. It gives the viewer a push into taking a quick dive into this universe of Jacek Fota. An universe where you must expect quiet things as the title suggests: “Some Things are Quieter than Others”.

The photos depict indeed a very quiet place. Nameless, timeless as there is no textual aid to it nor captions of any kind. The places are literally dead at certain times – deer on the side of the road, barbies on a shelf. Almost dead – old man catching a tan, tourists gazing at sights, people posing with no expression. There is an obvious feel of anxiety and lack of familiarity. The landscapes are probably the most alive part of this land and definitely the most gracious and subtle part. The alternation between photos is carefully done and you don’t feel any boredom but a clear feeling of silence. It feels like a forced road trip through a deserted country where you don’t get to attach yourself emotionally to any place or person. Just a cold passing through a barren land.

When you reach the last page of the book you realize you might not get to a specific destination, as “The End” is crossed out. Maybe this journey has, indeed, no end.

And also, like a bad hollywood horror movie, you find out in the outro of the book where this photographic journey took place. A map of America drawn on a math paper sawed backwards. Oddly enough, at this moment, this small detail is irrelevant.

A photobook about a quiet journey with no destination and no end.

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Jacek Fota – Some Things are Quieter than Others
self-published hand made book 500 copies
104 pages, 44 pictures, soft double cover, 165 x 198 mm
photographs: Jacek Fota
photo edition: Ewa Meissner
cover watercolor: Jagna Wróblewska
design: Ania Nałęcka / Tapir Book Design
ISBN 978-83-940353-0-3
To buy the book:

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