Dragos-Radu Dumitrescu - Two Painters

Dragos-Radu Dumitrescu – Two Painters

“Painting has always been for me an enriching experience, a means to try and improve as a photographer.
Few years back during an art exhibition I met two intriguing and extraordinary people, Jan and Dan, two painters. Thus I was introduced into their connective world, visiting their workrooms, sharing and telling our stories, of what we generally understood and what we thought we did. It felt intense having been brought within a space that seemed isolated from the normality and absence of what I perceived to be the now outside barren and mundane world. The entire building where they paint is abandoned, once offices occupied by a factory staff, now closer to a place of seclusion but without the social factor involved.
There is no refraining from emotion, on the contrary, the atmospheres are built from the unobserved and delicate entanglements between man and his occupied space, and this new-found perspective compelled me to convey this relationship into images, into portraits and their annexed sort of spiritual enclave. I believe a photograph isn’t supposed to exemplify or give reasoning, merely to put you in a state of experiencing what others, perhaps not so different people, lived and felt. And it does so profoundly, with none of the intricacies of aesthetic theses, only the essential through simple form and color. To me these are not stories or concepts, but rather parts of life and the joy they can truly impart.” – Dragos-Radu Dumitrescu

Dragos (18) Dragos (21) Dragos (22) Dragos (25) Dragos (26) Dragos (27) Dragos (28) Dragos (29) Dragos (30) Dragos (31) Dragos (32) Dragos (33) Dragos

“Dragos-Radu Dumitrescu was born in Bucharest, 1985. Having no previous self-delegation towards the artistic sense (except daily drawings and paintings of a 3 to 5 year old perceived reality) he graduated from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Biology, Biochemistry section and later on he obtained his Master degree in Genetics, Microbiology and Biotechnology. Strongly subjecting himself to change, in 2011, he attended various courses of photography, notably “Scoala de Poetica Fotografica Francisc Mraz”. He has been involved ever since in photographic projects and workshops, and had both personal and group exhibitions in Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Macedonia, and Moldova. His recent group exhibition at the National Library in Bucharest covered images from a more modernized Belgrad and its people, still clinging to their cultural facets and backgrounds.”

You can see this whole project and other series here: http://cargocollective.com/dragosdumitrescu. Dragos was previously featured on Oitzarisme with another series “Of the Capital”

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