Allkimik - Backstage ambrotypes

Allkimik – Backstage ambrotypes

“Backstage ambrotypes” series was created in 2014 at Electric Castle Festival after the artists’ performance was over. The technique used is called ambrotype – a glass plate treated with photosensitive silver right before exposure and developed and fixed after exposure. See the whole series on the festival’s social network gallery.


Samuel Edwards - Freestylers

Samuel Edwards – Freestylers

Rob Garza - Thievery Corporation

Rob Garza – Thievery Corporation

Mihai Dobre - Suie Paparude

Mihai Dobre – Suie Paparude

Akua Naru

Akua Naru

Jack Cowens

Jack Cowens

Mihai Campineanu - Suie Paparude

Mihai Campineanu – Suie Paparude

Daniel Stein - DJ Fresh

Daniel Stein – DJ Fresh

Ioan Titu - Silent Strike

Ioan Titu – Silent Strike

Simon Green - Bonobo

Simon Green – Bonobo

Bogdan Mezofi - Grimus

Bogdan Mezofi – Grimus

Berenice van Leer

Berenice van Leer

Benjamin Stanford - Dub FX

Benjamin Stanford – Dub FX

Allkimik is Alex Spineanu and Stefan Dinu. Together they are part of a analog photo studio experimenting with Daguerreotype, Albumen prints, Cibachrome, Stereograph, Tri-color Gum prints alongside Ambrotypes and more common 35mm film works. If you do not know what half of those terms mean – like me – feel free to visit them and have a chat. Also check them out online at


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