Tudor Stanica - Heaven backlog

Tudor Stanica – Heaven backlog

“Heaven backlog is a project born from a allocution that has haunted me for a while at my beginnings as a photographer passionate about composition, contrasts, wide spaces. To go back in time a bit ever since it all started…

Oliver Merce - Short Stories

Oliver Merce – Short Stories

The photos that compose this series have been taken over the past two years. Noticing that some pictures are related to each other, I began consciously to take photos which, placed one alongside other, can tell a short story. The…

Submission Mondays

Submission Mondays

Maximilian Tomozei – Intelity Contraction of two words: intelligence and identity. The information contained by the electronic chips such as subscriber identity modules, is sufficient to provide a socio-economic portrait of each modern individual. This cold and small piece of technology has…

Daniel Regan - Insula

Daniel Regan – Insula

“Insula” embodies a continuous cycle of recovery where chaos reigns supreme. By documenting the mind and body under duress and their struggle to achieve equilibrium, this personal work highlights the enduring search for light amongst the darkness. It continues to…

Allkimik - Backstage ambrotypes

Allkimik – Backstage ambrotypes

“Backstage ambrotypes” series was created in 2014 at Electric Castle Festival after the artists’ performance was over. The technique used is called ambrotype – a glass plate treated with photosensitive silver right before exposure and developed and fixed after exposure….