Fabrizio Albertini - Genius Loci Vol.1

Fabrizio Albertini – Genius Loci Vol.1

Genius Loci Vol.1 is an autobiographic statement. It is a daily journey that was born as much from the will of maturing as a photographer as from the necessity of facing a long convalescence. Each snapshot is the destination of a travel at your fingertips, a trip that was almost always an Italian one, in which, with selective and precise criteria, I was looking for the presence of color, composition and light. Realized between the summers of 2012 and 2013, Genius Loci Vol.1 walks the spectator through a few recurring paths: Milan, the water, the vegetation, the animals, the non-place, the Virgin Mary. They are all pacific environments, reassuring in a certain way, and in which I’ve always searched for order of things.

The location choice was rather accidental. Often I just happened to find a space that I liked and I waited and waited, until something, just about anything, would appear and complete it.

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More images on www.fabrizioalbertini.com. Fabrizio Albertini was born in 1984, he lives on Lake Maggiore (Italy) and graduated Film direction and Production at the Conservatorio Internazionale Scienze Audiovisive in Lugano (Swiss).