Chris Tubbs - Out Of Doors

Chris Tubbs – Out Of Doors

A collection of more than three hundred images in locations from more than Thirty-five countries all over the world. The project began in 2004 when I came across a basketball court in a forgotten sports facility in Cuba. From that point they appeared in the most unlikely settings wherever I went, from Bhutan in the Himalayas, European countries to the US and beyond. The series has been photographed on film.

ChrisTubbs01 ChrisTubbs02 ChrisTubbs03 ChrisTubbs04 ChrisTubbs05 ChrisTubbs06 ChrisTubbs07 ChrisTubbs08 ChrisTubbs09 ChrisTubbs10 ChrisTubbs11 neg_1

More images and other interesting series on Chris Tubbs is a London based freelance photographer specialized in interior, travel and portrait photography and is published in magazines worldwide.