Lucia Dinescu - The Face Before

Lucia Dinescu – The Face Before

Before Coughing / Laughing / Sneezing / Yawning / Having an Orgasm
In my almost Muybridgian act I attempt to demonstrate
the humorous similarity between certain facial expressions.
The Face Before,
Lucia Dinescu,

LuciaDinescu01 LuciaDinescu02 LuciaDinescu03 LuciaDinescu04 LuciaDinescu05 LuciaDinescu06 LuciaDinescu07 LuciaDinescu08 LuciaDinescu09 LuciaDinescu10 LuciaDinescu11 LuciaDinescu12Lucia Dinescu (b. 1994) is from Romania.
She studies at the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Photo-Video Department.
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