Alexandru Jugaru - Circus, Behind the curtain

Alexandru Jugaru – Circus, Behind the curtain

“I think everyone visited to the circus at one point in their lives. The animals, the colors, the acrobats are just the results of passionate artists. This bind between the artist and the circus lasts for their entire life and sometimes comes from a long family tradition which is not always visible to the outsider. Everything behind the curtain may not be as spectacular as the actual show but the things you can discover there are more wonderful and interesting and are worth showing. I believe that in fact this is the way you can truly discover the talent of these people and can easily observe and find out what this circus world is all about. Something different.” – Alexandru Jugaru

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“I’m always exited when I hear the word ‘circus’. It’s my ‘studium’, if you will. If you mix childhood memories, joy, laughter, animals and clowns you’ve got this bowl of happiness. So I am always interested in seeing and reliving that part of life, even if only through photos. But I tend to want to emerge myself in this world just like when I was a child, to feel the same intense joy – when looking at the elephants, uncontrolled laughter – when seeing the clowns trip and fall or hold my breath when acrobats perform high in the air.

In Alexandru’s series I am also looking at a mature view upon this world and these people with their daily lives and their passion, a life behind the curtain. Dedicated artists, baring a now fading tradition passed down from generation to generation, opening their hearts to entertain us all. Welcome to the circus!” – Cristian Bassa

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Alexandru Jugaru (b. 1986) “always loved to stare and take pictures of all kind of things”. He bought his first camera at the beginning of 2010 and since then he developed a growing interest in photography. Because of that curiosity he ended up at Scoala de Poetica Fotografica “Francisc Mraz”, lectured by Francisc “Ferko” Mraz and Gyuri Ilinca. More of his works can be found on