Twenty-two online magazines for your consideration

Twenty-two online magazines for your consideration

The day when I posted 50 magazines to buy before you die was a good day for science. Over 10k unique visitors in two days and more than 4k shares on Facebook. We are working for an update with another 50 magazines and we can’t wait to share the new discovered titles. Until then, allow me to tell you that LOVE ISSUE, the photo-magazine about love and issues, part by Oitzarisme, started in 2011 as a magazine for web only on the ISSUU platform. We had lots of visitors and good feedback and after six issues we decided that we should have a printed magazine. Issue #7 (Dependence/Independence) has a lovely story that involves many great people who supported us to print a full color, quality paper, one thousand copies magazine for share our statement. Issue #8 came afterwards with the same characteristics, also without advertising pages but with many people and partners involved. More details on the new launched website

And because we couldn’t go on paper without being in online first, without connections and social media, I thought that I should share my twenty-two favourite online photo-magazines that you should know and support. Also, they would like to hear about you, too.


1000 words magazine

1000 Words comes from UK and “it commissions and publishes in-depth exhibition and photobook reviews, essays, interviews and multimedia in response to a discerning selection of imagery, often around a particular theme”. The magazine was founded in 2008 by Tim Clark and you can find more about him and his team on the website.

What I really enjoyed at 1000WordsMagazine is that they embedded all the content in their website and you have to read it all, it doesn’t allow you to skip pages and if you press Full Screen it will be a real pleasure to browse. The latest issue, #17, was recently published and it marks the fifth year anniversary of the magazine. More about this important event on their blog. They welcome submissions on their Contact page, read carefully the rules.

“1000 Words is widely considered as one of the most inspiring spaces to engage with photography outside of the conventional outlet of galleries, books and print magazines. Now on its seventeenth “issue”, 1000 Words attracts approximately 140.000 unique visitors from more than 120 countries every month. Its sister-site, the 1000 Words Blog, ranked at number 2 in The Photographers’ Gallery Top Ten Websites in 2013, number 3 in The Top 25 UK Arts & Culture Blogs in a survey carried out by Creative Tourist in May 2010 and was also named as the winner of Arts Media Contacts’ Photography Blog of The Year Award 2010.”



Excerpt Magazine

A magazine that features photography and the moving image, Excerpt is based in Australia and it’s edited by Amy Marjoram. The latest issue, #6 – Life, Death and Bureaucracy, is online and can be downloaded for free. It features “excerpts” from forty-six photographers from all around the world. On their webite you can also find a very interesting virtual exhibition curated by the editors of the magazine.

“We are always seeking potential contributors for articles, creative texts, photographs & moving image works. As a free indie magazine we can’t pay for content and are incredibly grateful to all our wonderful contributors. All segments of the publication are open for people to suggest topics and content and we consider submissions in any format. Please feel free to share any ideas, recommendations or feedback.”



Online photography magazine from 2004, dedicated to “work that successfully captures, represents, and encourages acute observation, via the photographic medium”. The founder and editor is Aaron Schuman, an American photographer, writer, lecturer and curator based in the UK. The latest issue is #17 and feature very interesting topics as an interview with Bryan Schutmaat or Klaus Pichler’s works. seesaw will consider submissions for future issues.

“We believe that the most powerful and compelling photography is made in response to reality itself; when it is inspired by the gravity of experience, draws attention to what might otherwise go unnoticed, preserves what one marvels at in a moment, or evokes that which one feels should never be forgotten.”



Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep is a quarterly online photography magazine founded by and featuring work from a small group of contributors who share the same office space in Shoreditch, East London. Each issue (published in February, May, August and November) will be on a specific theme and guest contributors are also invited to submit a set of images based on that theme.

The latest issue, Nine, is about Superstition and features works of twelve artists. “Cross yourselves, say a prayer, knock on wood and hold your collar ’til you see a dog (we made that last one up) because here we bring you the superstition issue. In a perfect world we would have launched on Friday the thirteenth, but the world is far from perfect and deadlines, as you may have noticed, are not one of our core strengths here at Deep Sleep towers. ”

Submissions are welcomed but you have to stay updated to find out the next theme.



Ahorn magazine

Ahorn Magazine is an online publication about contemporary photography and an important platform for original written content, presenting interviews, essays, book reviews and more. The magazine was founded and directed by Daniel Augschöll and Anya Jasbar and the latest issue #9 was published a year ago as they are currently planning some new things related to the magazine. Updates about the magazine and other photography related posts on


Unless you will

Curated and founded by Heidi Romano, UYW is an online journal that showcases a vision within photo-based art. The goal is to bring together a collection of notable photographers from around the world and present their work. The latest issue is #28, it can be browse on the website or downloaded as PDF and it’s about landscape photography that inspires an adventure. UYW encourages photographers to submit their work for consideration and all submissions will be carefully reviewed and scheduled for upcoming UYW Issues. Also, anyone interested to share their writing/articles/essays on photography are welcome, too, for articles, essays and book reviews.

“So, no rules, tell me a story, an adventure, nothing or share your thoughts. Invent anything you want. Surprise yourself. Share your dreams created by light, imagined in colour or bw.”




PIX is a quarterly photography magazine from India edited by Rahaab Allana and funded by the Goethe Institut. “PIX is about investigating and engaging with broad and expansive fields of contemporary photographic practice in India, ranging from the application, conceptual standing and adaptability of photography to its subjects: its movement, transmission, appropriation and distinct relation to the allied arts.” The current issue can be downloaded from their website and they have a call for submissions for the Habitat issue that ends on February 10th and it’s open to South Asia primarily, as the geographical location in which the bodies of work are produced. The photographers could be from any nationality.

“This issue will explore the theme of habitat through various photographic practices, ranging from reportage to conceptual art photography. In a time of massive globalisation and instant information, how do we define what is our ‘natural’ environment? How do we ensure long term outcomes through sustainability, from the environmental and cultural point of view?”



F-Stop magazine

Founded in 2003 and published bi-monthly, F-Stop is edited by Christy Karpinski, a fine art photographer from Arizona. This website is more than an online magazine, it’s a virtual library full of useful photographic resources and call for works, especially if you follow them on Facebook where recently they reach 10k fans.

The latest issue #62 is about Black & White and it’s featured online. For the next issue, #63, the submissions are closed but you have time to submit your work for #64, The Natural World.

“Each issue has a theme or an idea that the unites the photographs to create a dynamic dialogue among the artists. ”



Square Magazine

Square Magazine is a bilingual online quarterly about square format photography. It was created in February 2010 by Christophe Dillinger with Yves Bigot, Carine Lautier and Clara Forest. The latest issue is #404 and can be downloaded as PDF from their website. Recently they started a call for “My Impossible Year”, an iphone photography competition that you might like. Among the submissions page where you can send them you square photos for consideration, there is a Mentoring program that is free, it lasts three to six months and is open to all, regardless of age, gender or nationality. What you’ll get:

“On-going assessment and feedback of your project from members of the Square Magazine team, academic help if needed (for instance art history and contextual studies), a slot in the magazine at the end of the residency and the promotion of the project via social network pages and the magazine’s website.”



Fraction Magazine

Fraction was founded in March 2008 by David Bram and Joshua Spees. Each monthly on-line issue focuses on a central theme, creating an implicit dialogue between differing photographic perspectives. The latest issue #58 and among great portfolios it features a notice about Fraction Editions program, which gives each featured photographer an opportunity to put up one photograph for sale. The photographers make money and build collectors, and Fraction gives 10% of sales to the Fraction Acquisition Fund which is used to purchase work from Fraction photographers to be placed in museum collections. More details on Fraction Editions website.

Fraction Magazine accepts submissions. See on their website the details. “…looking for work that is strong and unique, brings something new to the photographic community, is immediately ready for promotion, and has a tight and cohesive edit.”




ToneLit is an independent online photography magazine based in the UK “working with images, articles, essays, reviews and photobooks”. The current issue is #6 and the cover features a photograph of Klaus Pichler’s latest project, Just the two of us. They welcome submissions for photo-projects, articles, essays and reviews and the next deadline is March 10th.




SuperMassiveBlackHole was launched in 2009 and is dedicated to contemporary photography and the photographic imagery resulting from the time-based processes found in many interdisciplinary art practices today. It’s published as a free download PDF three times a year. The team is made by the editor and publisher Barry W Hughes, photographer and writer and the contributing Online Editor David J Moore, photography student at The Institute of Art, Design and Technology. Both are from Dublin, Ireland.

The latest issue of SMBH is #15 – Queer Times, co-edited by Anthony Luvera, an Australian artist, writer and educator based in London. You can download the magazine from their website. For the next issue, there is an OPEN CALL for the theme Accident & Emergency with the deadline set on 1st of March. “Fine Artists are encouraged to engage with the magazine as a way of exhibiting, testing, developing and experimenting with new (or old) ideas whether it is through a single image or a structured project.”



Landscape Stories

Created in 2010 by three Italian photographers, Gianpaolo Arena, Andrea Gaio and Claudio Bettio, Landscape Stories is an independent and free online magazine dedicated to the presentation of stories and photographic work. The latest issue is #14, its theme is Portraits and features fifty (50!) photographers from all around the world. They are welcoming submissions for the future issue #16: Iran (Mohammadreza Mirzaei) with deadline on February 20th.

“We encourage photographers to offer their vision of the world relating to a certain topic and their different interpretation of this artistic discipline as much as possible different in terms of subjects, concepts, styles and techniques.”




They speak about photos, stories, reportages, every fragment that tells what’s happening in the world through different points of view. The magazine was founded in 2007 by the photographer Giacomo Cosua from Italy, it’s published in PDF format every 6 months, both in Italian and English, and it’s free for download.

POSI+TIVE is ready for your submissions but you have to read carefully the rules, they are looking for internship applicants (unpaid), too and they have a strong social media team as their Facebook page is getting ready for 18k fans.

“POSI+TIVE Submission Team tries as much as possible to answer to everybody with a positive or a negative feedback. You should get an answer between a week and 10 days, if not please send again your submission.”


Try Hard Magazine

Try Hard Magazine is an online publication focused on Australian photography and dedicated to showcasing the work of both Australian photographers and international photographers living and working in Australia. It also aims to encourage writers and academics to contribute original written content in the form of interviews, essays and book reviews that act to further the dialogue on Australian photography. Try Hard Magazine is founded and directed by photographers Benjamin Chadbond and Patrick Mason.

The latest issue is #2 and they work and for the next ones: “We’re always on the lookout for emerging photographers and writers to contribute to our magazine. If you’re an Australian born photographic artist or a photographic artist living in Australia we would love to hear from you. (…) Similarly if you’re an Australian writer, academic or artist who has a specific interest in photography and would like to contribute text to Try Hard Magazine we’re always working on new articles and essays.”




Monthly online bilingual (English and Polish) magazine on contemporary photography. “Though it focuses on documentary photography, in particular on photo stories, doc! also presents other forms of photographic expression.” The latest issue, #19, was launched in January 2014 and can be read or downloaded as PDF from their website. I enjoyed the layout and the interview with Rafal Milach, one of the most important Polish photographers from the present days.

doc! magazine is interested in publishing submitted works for publication.



YET magazine is an online triannual publication. “Photography is the main subject and our aim is to feature several different styles of photography, without any restriction in genre, medium, or theme. All the photographers invited by the editorial team are free to develop a personal project and to tell their stories. YET aspires to explore the artist’s work in depth to discover what lies beneath, to find out what it is the photographers want to convey through their series and why.”

The latest issue, #4, has 246 pages and features many interesting articles and photo-projects. For the next issues they accept only submissions that have never been published before, online or offline.




An online magazine from France, founded by Laurence Guenoun. Recently they celebrated five years of publishing and the latest issue, #61. They are calling for submissions, always looking for new series to publish. Cohesion required ! O

“We are a PLATEFORM. An online PLATEFORM. A PLATEFORM of expression. This PLATEFORM shows and reveals that talent takes many shapes. PLATEFORM isn’t a fashion magazine. PLATEFORM isn’t an art magazine. PLATEFORM isn’t a media magazine. PLATEFORM is a magazine to exhibit, to set forth, to discover oneself and to describe. PLATEFORM opens up eyes and is open to talents. PLATEFORM gives a dual vision on a subject, a place, an emotion, an idea. PLATEFORM is simply different because creation takes many shapes.”



Foto4All is a Romanian photography e-Magazine, established in August 2011 and published in English starting the 3rd of September of 2012. The magazine is edited by Cristina Ţinta, a Romanian photographer. “We publish bimonthly and feature the works and interviews of four photographers per issue, together with articles that cover a wide range of topics such as: photography tips and advice for aspiring photographers, the history of photography, photo books recommendations, events related to photography, the philosophy of photography. We strive to uncover, promote and publish photography that includes emotion and creativity among its ingredients, regardless be it professional or amateur.”

The latest issue, #30-31 is available for download for free and it features Romanian photographers portfolios and interviews but also Alain Laboile‘s splendid moments of his family and Petros Koublis’s “In Landscapes” series.

FOTO4All is accepting submissions for 2014 and all inquiries and portfolios should be sent by e-mail.



An independent online platform established in 2011 by Dublin-based photographer Karol Liver, a magazine that compiles contemporary photography in a magazine format published on ISSUU platform every second month. The latest issue is #15 and it features artists as Yaakov Israel, Max Sher or Chad Coombs. The team is looking for you to submit your works (writing and/or photography) as long as you accept their terms of submissions.




“Defeated Mag&zine is a one-theme issue for young photography. We want the artists to express themselves, not only showing what they do but also the story within the photograph. The issue searchs for the poetry behind the shot. By proposing a topic we encourage the artists to relate their work to a subject supported by few words of their own.” The issue design, concept and works selection are run by Jael Levi, photographer from Spain. The latest issue was published in October 2013 and features the work of 17 photographers representing the themed “Void” from their own point of view. The publication is available to browse on the website but it’s also available on paper.

The submissions are currently closed but stay in touch.



SNOR is “moustache” in Dutch and I’m a little confused because the extension of their website is IT, as Italy. Although the magazine is written in Dutch I wanted to mention them because they feature great works, they have many useful photographic resources on the website and they accept submissions. Also, “The founders are Bert and Bruno, two gentlemen with exquisite taste.”


Is it OK to publish online? People see what these great online publishers do? They are not tired of scrolling and/or clicking when they want to see a photography magazine? Isn’t the technology too snoopy between you and the content? In my experience with Love Issue on digital, I noticed that many people don’t really read the articles, they just browse the pages, the photos, the names. I think online people don’t have enough patience for an online magazine. A solution for this problem might be to get more involved into smart devices publishing solutions and get advertisement or ask people to pay for the publication. Of course, for these things, we need to work on our e-xperience!