Oliver Merce - Urban Antithesis

Oliver Merce – Urban Antithesis

”Never tried to deceive myself with the idea that what I do is art. I am always aware that I only take picture of simple things that takes place in an ordinary world. Obviously , I could illustrate the idea of antithesis by presenting different elements which are in antagonism (even some abstract elements), but I like the real situations , I like street photography , I like to observe people’s reactions as discrete as possible, the events that happened in their day by day life.

This is the reason why, with the exception of one photo, the rest of pictures have human subjects and antitheses are generated primarily by the age of people with their specific elements, concerning the social status, professional life or religious beliefs, related to clothes they wear or the ways they communicate in this digital era.

Obviously, these antitheses can be amplified or diminished by viewer state of mind, by viewer previous experiences, or through the way one finds in similar situations or feelings of the captured characters. So this photo series was started, and I hope to enlarge it in the future.”

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