Verena Blok - I Smell Like Rain

Verena Blok – I Smell Like Rain

Verena Blok is a young Dutch-Polish photographer graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in 2013. She wrote to present us the story of a young girl living with her four older brothers and father in a small village in the northeast of Poland. A wonderful story that should be featured in a magazine like LOVE ISSUE ”since it has a lot to do with love, issues and affection”.

I Smell Like Rain takes place in Mazury, a rural area located in the northeast of Poland known for its many forests and lakes. As a child I spent all my summers there in a small village and became well acquainted with Natalia, a 12-year old girl. Since her mother’s absence she has been living with her father and four older brothers at home, as the only female in the household. Natalia shares with me the idealized version of the life she would have wanted; a version that does not exist, but that she believes in.”

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”I Smell Like Rain”, the book, is SOLD OUT and it was published in 50 copies. Verena is working on a second edition, so if you want to order a copy send her an e-mail. More photographs, details and other projects on Verena Blok’s website.