Victor Dia -  Polish allotments

Victor Dia – Polish allotments

Allotment gardens were established in Poland more than a hundred years ago and have become a staple of the urban life. Initially organised around trade unions, they became a sought-after retreat in the period between the two world wars.

There has recently been a resurgence in interest around these gardens, and efforts have been made to offer a clear legal framework. Over time, the initial right of usage has been unilaterally and forcefully extended to annexes and living quarters. Since they are often situated in prime locations, the allotments face constant pressure from developers and struggle to be included in urban planning schemes. Residents are often offered relocation packages and the sites remain abandoned for a shortwhile, suspended between nostalgia and uncertainty, in a struggle between tradition and the pecuniary drive of a relatively stable economy.

Victor Dia

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More images on Victor Dia is an art-documentary photographer based in the UK. His interest in urban development and the clash between heritage and modernization has led to projects looking deep into the fabric of the cities, in locations such as Spain, Romania, Poland, France and the United States. Early career landmarks consist of solo and group shows in Romania, Serbia, Greece and Hungary.

’’[Victor Dia’s] dynamic photographs scream everything that is loved about film photography, from the lustrous and saturated colors, to the thoughtfully composed medium format frame. Victor Dia takes on documentary ideas to explore a place’s history and metamorphosis into a contemporary urban landscape.”  – Grant Gill from