Pini Hamou – Woman. A room of your own


What is a woman? What does she want to see in herself, and what do others see in her? This series presents meticulous portraits of young women in their intimate environment in an attempt to link between the inner and the outer, between the individual and the environment – getting the private to the public. It is about a look, body language, femininity, sexuality, intimacy, externalization of personality, sometimes defiantly. Most of the subjects were unknown to me before the shoot, or familiarity with them was minimal. This situation created a journey of knowledge in front of the camera and behind it. Contact with most of the subjects was made through the Internet or Facebook.​

The photographs in the series correspond with traditional documentary photography which does not try to embellish reality. The lighting is natural – window light creating the play of light & shadow and the connection between outside and inside; a linkage to pictures and drawings of female portraits from the 17th and 18th centuries.

The pictures were taken in 2011-2012 in Israel, Russia and Germany.

Pini Hamou

Hamou2 Hamou3 Hamou4 Hamou5 Hamou6 Hamou7 Hamou8

More images on Pini Hamou (b. 1967) is a freelance photographer from Israel.