Andrzej Kramarz – Promised Land

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am writing to you asking for media assistance to help with the realisation of my newest photographic series entitled “Promised Land”. I would be very grateful if you could spend the next few minutes of your time by having a look at where I’m at with the latest stage of the project – many thanks!


In my photography, I first and foremost concentrate on the emotional ties between people and space. I am also interested in our relations with things – it is things that define us, while we leave our traces in them. “Promised Land” is the first project which I’m undertaking on such a massive scale outside Europe. It is an attempt to look at the 48 states of U.S.A. through the eyes of an emigrant.

I have been travelling across the country for the past two months. I sleep in a van in Wal-Mart parking lots. I make use of the Wi-Fi at McDonald’s to update my website with new pictures. It is thanks to the sale of these images that my journey is able to continue. Every mile I have gone is thanks to the people that have bought my prints ($10 each), and thanks to whom I can pour a few gallons more to go further on my trip. But if they don’t buy any pictures, then I come to a standstill… Now, for instance, I’m not going anywhere for the time being, as my van was totalled in a recent crash.


That is why I would like to ask you kindly to put up some information about “Promised Land” on your website as well as a link ( thanks to which I will be able to get more funds to continue my project. I have already managed to get a part-time job in Las Vegas in the hope of being able to buy another van within a month and then get back on the road. However, I am concerned that without help from the media, which will bring my activities closer to a greater number of people, then I won’t get very far. A characteristic of the project is that it is undertaken by a number of people. It is ordinary folk – and not art critics – who decide whether they like something or not. In purchasing a picture, they are choosing something for them, simultaneously deciding whether to let me go my way on my American experience.

Limited edition prints are prepared as I go along – every image is numbered and signed in an edition of 2 + 2 artist prints, printed with archival ink on Epson Matt paper in a format of 4 x 6 inches. The price is $10 plus $2 for postage. I try to send all the pictures at least once a week.

If you find the project interesting, I would be very grateful if you passed on the information. The outcome of the project is going to be a book and series of photographic exhibitions. The experience I gain from this project will also be of use to me in the classes I teach to students of photography at Hawai’i Community College (USA) as well as the Academy of Photograpy in Cracow (Poland), where I have been teaching for a number of years.

If you have any questions then please get in touch. I will quite happily explain everything to you. I also encourage you to get to know my other projects too!

Best regards,

Andrzej Kramarz
808 747 9510