Andrei Farca?anu – No neighborhood people

”I am interested in generally in how people interact and live together and I run different projects for integration and free rights of speech. Through my photo work I try to show stories and people that usually you cross nearby and you don’t see them. My work consists in exploring the cities and the underground art expression.”



“No people neighborhood” is constituted as a photo essay about Le Blosne, that is known as the emigrant’s district of the city, with the largest share of citizens of other nationalities. The authorities probably didn’t want to mix the emigrants with the other parts of the town so they built a special neighborhood for them. In Le Blosne, people are going to their jobs very early in the morning and come back late at night to rest for the next work day. So, for that reason, Le Blosne it is a dormitory neighborhood. In which during the day you don’t see people.

The project can be explained, in terms of visual elements, as having a specific cityscape imagery represented in both critical and sensitive manner. The project was exhibited on different activist foundations websites, but also as a photo printed exhibition in Rennes in 2010.

Andrei Farca?anu






















More on Andrei Farca?anu (1981) is a photographer and a visual artist. He lives and works in Barcelona, Spain and he is interested in social documentary photography. He likes working with people and travels to discover personal stories of people around the glob. He is a founding member of two performing art groups: (PULS 1000 in 2000 and DESDEDA in 2006) and he is interested in social psychology and public art.