Cynthia Nudel - Underworld

Cynthia Nudel – Underworld

Underworld compiles a series of photographs I have taken guided by my intuition. Unlike other works, there isn’t a prior plan before shooting. I tried to capture moments and details that somehow connect with my subconscious. Surprisingly, intuition also runs its own criteria, although we’re not fully aware of it. This strategy allows us to access to those corners of reality that we often ignore. This hidden reality is a kind of underworld where pure emotion replaces words.

Cynthia Nudel

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Other images and interesting projects on Cynthia Nudel’s website. Cynthia was born in Argentina in 1979. Before settling in Spain, she graduated in Art and studied Psychology. She started studying Photography in 2006 and since then she has attended several Documentary Photography courses. She has won various national and international prizes and her work has been showed in Spain, Colombia, Italy and the USA. In recent years she has worked as a photography teacher at various cultural centers in Barcelona. Nowadays, she lives in Alicante.