Adrian Oprea – Writers Never Die (on going)

An ongoing personal project to document graffiti writers who paint on the Bucharest subways.



Graffiti writers have always kept an occult presence in the urban cultural environment ever since the early 70’s, when they started spray painting the New York subway cars, acting as an expression for the Hip-Hop culture. Although in the last decades graffiti has evolved into a global phenomenon, gaining audience even in the art galleries, a part of those who do graffiti have remained underground, keeping the tradition alive. The sole purpose of graffiti writers is to write their names on subway cars, as many times as possible.

In Bucharest, a handful of people are risking their lives and freedom to paint the metal, meaning the old subway cars. Entering their last years in service, the old subway cars are regarded as a monument for the local, and foreign graffiti writers, who set Bucharest as a waypoint whenever they go on tour to paint around Europe. Even though most people consider this a kid play, painting the subway cars is a very serious undergoing as it involves trespassing and taking many great risks.

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More images and other interesting projects can be found on Adrian Oprea’s website. Adrian is a photographer based in Bucharest. “Since I picked up the camera I’ve been trying to better understand the relationship between the city dwellers, the urban landscape and the power of urban culture to reclaim the city, turning it into a communication medium.”