Ada Muntean – Octavian Paler’s Decalogue

The starting point of the “Decalogue” project is the Kieslowski’s film series and the ideational starting point is the “Decalogue” from Octavian Paler‘s book, called “Life On A Station Platform”.


1. “Wait as long as you like.”, drawing in charcoal, 42 x 60 cm



2. “Wait for anything.”, drawing in charcoal, 42 x 60 cm




3. “Don’t remember all the things. Only the memories that help you live at present can really help you.”, drawing, 42 x 60 cm




4. “Don’t count the days.”, drawing, 42 x 60 cm




5. “Don’t forget that any expectation is provisional, even if it lasts all your life.”, drawing, 42 x 60 cm




6. “There isn’t any desert. There is only our incapacity of filling up the void in which we live.”, drawing, 55 x 76 cm


You can find the other four on Ada Muntean’s website among other interesting projects and also on her flickr account.

“I’m an independent Visual Artist who has recently graduated University of Art & Design from Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Graphic Arts Department. I’ve also broaden my artistic experience during an Erasmus exchange in Birmingham, UK and a CEEPUS exchange in Krakow, Poland. My mediums of expression are mainly drawing and photography. I conceive my works as movie frames, parts of a neverending movie – which is basically my life – with all its essence: doubts, fears, feelings and visions.”