Tomasz Tomaszewski – Gypsies. Different people, just like us.



Beyond the stereotypes and clichés, little is known to most of the world of the customs and traditions of the Gypsies. Traditionally perceived as strangers, surrounded by distrust, they have always existed in isolated groups on the margins of developing European communities. But their contribution to the general cultural heritage, especially in music, dance and various handicrafts, is unquestionable.

I have tried to make a plea for tolerance towards those whose life-styles, religion, and rituals differ from our own. My journeys, tracing the lives of present-day Gypsies in ten countries, have confirmed my earlier belief that little has changed for the Romany. It seems that we have not yet learned the lesson of tolerance toward people who live differently from ourselves.

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More images and an other interesting projects on Tomasz Tomaszewski’s website. Tomasz Tomaszewski has thirty years of experience in assignments for the leading Polish and international press titles, including over twenty years of photographic assignments for the National Geographic Magazine. His offer regarding his job is available here.

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