Pietro Baroni – Milan Closets



For the rest of the world, Milan is one of the main references for fashion and luxury brands. The vision of the everyday is almost blocked, hidden by big names in luxury, fashion and design.

In my project I wanted to photograph the Milanese, ordinary people, in front of their closet. Open. Different ages, gender, social class or profession create a collage mixed a city that hides its sides the most intriguing homes. I have tried (and am still continuing) to find them.

Pietro Baroni






















More images and other interesting projects on Pietro Baroni’s website.

“Born in Milan in 1977, during the earliest years of his life he was already used to sharing the family dinner table with an assortment of characters including Bishops and homeless people. For years he bragged about being a close relative of Totò, whom he is a dedicated enthusiast but certainly not his nephew. He has been a boy scout without ever helping an old person across the street and one of his greatest treasures is some magic water given to him as a small gift by a gnome in campground in Corsica when he was three years old.”

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