Dorin Bofan – Interference



This series is about the interference between earth, water, wind and gravity, forces that come together in the great unseen and unfelt process that shapes our lands. But sometimes this can be seen in the little details, in that tiny bit of hidden beauty that emerges to amaze the curious mind and the ever searching soul. Where and when to look can start by chance, but it should go on as a conscious and rational process. It usually goes this way with inspiration. It’s about bringing the amazement and joy of discovery into the rational and being able to materialize the feelings of how everything around us is constantly changing. There’s always that bit of mystery in our connection to nature, that unknown bound, and we should leave it that way, not trying to explain, in that sort of abstract interpretation that makes the viewer wonder and find personal meanings. But things shouldn’t and usually don’t stop here.

The interference between transient natural processes, the interpretative eye and the ones who seek inspiration for new concepts is much like the dynamics and mysteries of the natural world. Just as much nature is capable of finding its way through our perception of the aesthetics and amaze us with its small and big wonders alike, so should be our duty, as the ones who merely are witnessing and realizing these wonders, to inspire further. Not only by our images, but also by who we are. Yes, we all have pride and seek some sort of confirmation for what we create, but this is not a means to an end. The very point of creating, of art, of photography involves bringing outside the beauty inside us and being a bit better as human beings. Nature gives us free moments of happiness and unconditional acceptance as long we show respect and humbleness. And I believe we should do the same when inspiring the world with what we do.

If goals for the good, goals higher than us, are not at the core of what we create, our works will betray us sooner or later. The path to deliverance of the creative spirit takes into account multiple factors that are more personal and subjective than we might imagine and words like honesty, humility or compassion are far higher than us, but they connect to art in the very ways that bring that art to life. Someone once told me that “love is the sine qua non for seeing beauty”. Maybe this should stand behind every artist’s motivation. Give it a thought.

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“Well, I’m just a simple guy that dreams a bit too much. Yes, I’m deeply in love with life and nature. Even though it’s not easy, I try to smile with every chance I get. I have lots of dreams and ideas, some of them small, some of them really big. Photography is just an extension of all that. I could do just as well without it, but since I discovered it and seems to suit me, why not squeeze all the fun, right?”

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