Marius Budu – Twisted Flesh

“Hello! My name is Marius Budu and I am a Copenhagen-based visual artist working with the human body as a medium. The Twisted Flesh project is something I started 6 years ago and have been working on ever since.”



My purpose with this project is to generate a reaction, stimulate thought, emotion and present the viewer with a new perspective – a new interpretation of the most easily recognizable aspect of our humanity – our very flesh.

Twisted Flesh is both, a psychological experiment and visual attempt to gain some insight into our physical form as an entity in and of itself as well as our relationship with it. Our body is the one thing we most easily and readily identify with. Although we subconsciously interpret body language while interacting with others, we seldom solely rely on it to understand what is being conveyed to us. Usually, during conversation we look for the face, the eyes to be more specific – so that we can properly communicate with the other person. Twisted Flesh takes away that option and forces the viewer to examine the uniquely faceless flesh in order to understand what the images are conveying.

Each Twisted Flesh piece tells its own story. They challenge the viewer in a unique way and beckon them to explore the intricacy and variety of relationships to our physical selves that each one of us embodies.

Marius Budu















More images and other interesting projects on Marius Budu’s website.
Marius Budu is a visual artist working with photography and digital art. He was born in Timi?oara, Romania and is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In September this year, Twisted Flesh is set to be exhibited in the fine arts museum in Marius birth town of Timi?oara, Romania. This is a huge opportunity for him to make a great dream come true and to finally bring his project into the world with a proper launch. If he can gather the funds to produce the exhibition, it would then travel around Europe and North America. Talks are in progress with various galleries. You can help Marius to complete his 6 year-long dream on the indigogo project.