Horațiu Tatar & Andrei Nacu – The Insulated Homeowner


© Andrei Nacu, Iași


Your average homeowner, up to speed with the latest trends in condo building life-improvement, has always come out first in everything. He was the first one to get his house tiled, a balcony on the ground floor, double glazed windows, central heating or a metallic door, and when time came to have the home insulated, he obviously wanted to prove what a good homeowner he was. He did so through the thickness of the polyester layer and the colors and finishing materials he employed, without waiting or receiving his neighbors’ approval. Although the buildings mainly look like this because of the lack of cooperation among tenants, in many cases a given family may not have had the financial means to invest in such projects.In the struggle for supremacy, good taste is also right at home here, as proven by the garish colors chosen, the marble-textured tiles on the walls, or the condo unit painted in the colors of the Steaua Football Club. We don’t mean to hide the fact that our series mostly focused on this more chaotic side of the insulation works, and we also acknowledge the fact that many units, or even entire neighborhoods, have been irreproachably upgraded, with an improvement in comfort levels and, why not?, in living conditions, too. We also acknowledge having created a negatively distorted image, with the aim of giving this series coherence, meaning, and perhaps an extra dose of exoticism and humor.

Text by Horațiu Tatar & Andrei Nacu
Translated by Ioana Pelehatăi


© Horațiu Tatar, Sebeș




© Andrei Nacu, Iași




© Horațiu Tatar, Alba Iulia




© Andrei Nacu, Iași




© Horațiu Tatar, Alba Iulia




© Andrei Nacu, Iași




© Horațiu Tatar, Cluj Napoca


More images on Oskar.ro. Andrei Nacu and Hora?iu Tatar are members of OskarFotoProiect, a Romanian School of Documentary Photography.
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