Sandrine Elberg – Paris Burlesque

The Paris Burlesque photo project shows women’s portraits who takes part of a Burlesque performance. The performers agreed to receive me in their Parisian apartments and accepted the challenge to play a role for a brief moment.


Miss Liz Chérie
© Sandrine Elberg

The Burlesque performance shows various aspects: an artistic approach, a political commitment, the amusement or the revelation of a new feminism. These portraits join the tradition of the documentary photography directly inspired by the painting and by the theater.

These women, from 18 to 59 years old reveal us all the social wealth and the various spheres of influence of this phenomenon in the Parisian capital. The « freeze » portraits of these characters create for the occasion are the testimony of time; their daily environment becomes timeless and unreal.

The Paris Burlesque: sixty portraits created with intensive and daily work of 8 months made by meetings and confidence will stay a human unforgettable experience.


Mamz’elle Wiwide
© Sandrine Elberg




Minxy Fox
© Sandrine Elberg




Blanche Canaille
© Sandrine Elberg




Birdy Paradis
© Sandrine Elberg




Jungle Jane
© Sandrine Elberg




© Sandrine Elberg




Zoé Kill Kill Pussycat
© Sandrine Elberg




Miss Botero
© Sandrine Elberg




Marie Cazenave
© Sandrine Elberg


More images from Paris Burlesque and other interesting projects on Sandrine Elberg’s website. Sandrine was born in 1978, she lives and works in France.