OMNIVORE – photo session #1: RAW

OMNIVORE PHOTO SESSIONS is a audiovisual-based platform of debate and promotion for ?ne art photography. Through public screenings of photographic works we hope to achieve a low cost, widespread scope. We look for photographic works in a slideshow format. We…

Marco Vernaschi - Placebo

Marco Vernaschi – Placebo

“Sex and death are the two universes that people fear the most, which is why we often censor the images portraying these subjects. We’re afraid of them, and there’s so much truth within sex and death.”    

Florian Rainer - Zirbenland

Florian Rainer – Zirbenland

“Zirbenland basically deals with life in rural Austria and the notion of documentary vs. staged photography. It consists of 70 images or so, it starts from birth and ends with death, it will be extended over the coming years, and…

Lucie & Simon - Silent World

Lucie & Simon – Silent World

In the Silent World project, we wanted to study and transform our world’s most symbolic metropolises into imaginary, fictional, impossible places. In our work, we always try to study and put into image the frontier between reality and the world…

Cuvinte pe pelicula – Photo Marathon inspired by Czech Literature

The Czech Centre comes up with a new crazy and interactive project honoring both analog photography and Czech literature. The result will be exhibition of over 1.000 B&W photos. Come to the Czech Center on Saturday morning, May 19 at…

Jenny Odell - Satellite Collections

Jenny Odell – Satellite Collections

…because human existence is conditioned existence, it would be impossible without things, and things would be a heap of unrelated articles, a non-world, if they were not the conditioners of human existence. Hannah Arendt 97 Nuclear Cooling Towers