Laura Stevens – Us Alone

This series of couples in their home examines moments of tension and struggle between men and women who cohabit.


Chiaki & Daniel

These photographs are a departure from the traditional image of the happy, loving couple within vernacular photography and instead address the hidden, melancholy moments of coexistence. I wanted to explore the disparity between each partner striving for personal freedom and identity, alongside the need to act as part of a whole in creating a shared and unified reality. I photographed real couples within their own homes performing in a collaborative attempt to render visible the twofold existence of a partner.


Anne & Ambarish




Jacqueline & Tom




Donna & Toby




Clare & Mark




Elizabeth & Ben




Jessica & Ross




Severine & Jeanlou



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Laura Stevens was born in England in 1977 and she lives in Paris. You can like her on Facebook and follow on twitter.