J. Scriba – Stairs

“My art is about places and people at specific places. Most of the time I observe what happens at these places, but sometimes I also change the place. Sometimes I observe what happens at the place I change. But often, just observing the place changes what is happening. ”


What is this strange place? It might be a temple of some kind, a place of worship? Some people seem to put a lot of effort into climbing those endless stairs, lugging heavy bags along to where they are so eager to get. Others seem to be decending, disillusioned perhaps – shyly glancing at those who do not know, yet, what to expect?

Well, it’s really just stairs at Berlin central station, but stretched into infinity this mundane means of transportation becomes a mythical plane on which all sorts different realities become imaginable. The travellers are authentic in their daily routine, yet become actors in a much greater play.









J. Scriba is a media artist, physicist and photographer from Germany. The above series is part of [situ art] projects.
“I use the term [situ art] to refer to art created at or in relation to a specific place (“in situ”). However, these projects at public places like airports, railway stations or office buildings don’t portrait concrete venues but rather capture the essence of a situation: a gathering of people linked by common goals or interests and the desire to communicate with each other and their surroundings.”
You can find all his interesting projects on www.jscriba.com.
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