Codruț Sebastian Neguț – QATSI

Qatsi is a collaboration between Codruț Sebastian Neguț as a producer/photographer, Romanian fashion designer Dinu Bodiciu and make-up artist Eimear Sweeney. It was conceived for his third year of study at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.


The concept behind the shoot is taken and adapted after carefully considering works done by the painter Edward Hopper and the ideas behind Rorschark’s tests. Much like Rorschach’s inkblot tests, art in general evokes different reactions from different people. I have found no artwork so far to present itself with the absolute truth that would make everyone like it or see it in the same way. I would therefore attempt to construct my images based on this presumption, that even if I would try to communicate something specific, some viewer’s interpretations might turn out to be different from what I would expect.

My plan was to connect the subjects with their location as much as possible and guide the viewer’s interpretations using complex lighting designs that would create a realistic, believable, environment. The images could and should be viewed as an offered glimpse to a moment that has been caught between a beginning and an end, where the viewer brings these missing parts on his own, often out of reflex, without even realising he did so.

The location for this project was provided by the Romanian Cultural Institute in London, whose support was vital for the completion of this project.



“The Arrival”












Sapphires Model Management – London
Nevs Model Management – London

Codrut Sebastian Negut is undergoing Visual Communication course in Birmingham, UK. You can follow his future projects on his blog at or on his Facebook Page.