Simona Rota – Instant Village

“This reminds me of Brasilia (…). It is fascinating that there is a city, planned from beginning to end (…) But despite of so much planning, the best was a place where you could find “life”: in Brasilia there is a kind of market installed in a huge field which was originally a park and now invaded by people who, let’s say, seek for some disorder in a city so completely planned. This unplanned and unexpected place was the most beautiful and the only one where it was possible to live.” (Wim Wenders).

“To what extent can territory planning be considered meaningful? At what level its artificiality does more damage to the territory than improvisation? There are natural needs of using land that are best filled through improvisation, in those situations where urban planning fails to represent it and, there are needs, which despite of being collected by an urban plan, end up creating more precarious urban situations than spontaneous urbanism itself.”







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